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Paroles, Paroles ( Gianni Ferrio ) Improvised By Leo.

"Paroles, paroles" was composed by Gianni Ferrio and its lyrics written by Michaële [fr]. It is a cover of an Italian duet by singer Mina and Alberto Lupo. Dalida's release sparked numerous covers in various languages, mostly thanks to her international career. The song was an unavoidable part of her repertoire, carrying her on tours in Europe, Japan, Latin America, the Arab world and the Francophone countries of Africa. Today it is regarded as Dalida's signature song and one of the classics of French chanson. While the expression paroles, paroles entered everyday language, immediately upon its release it was picked up by French politicians, and is ever since "used to evoke those who make promises and never hold them".[2]

Paroles, Paroles ( Gianni Ferrio ) improvised by Leo.



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