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Where To Buy Elila Bras ^NEW^

If I had seen this in a store I would have run the other direction. I never wear beige bras unless there is no other option and leopard print has never been my thing in any form. When I took it out of the box, it reminded me of all those horrible beige Wacoal bras I was forced into as a teenager. However, I have to admit, this bra kind of won me over. It feels like wearing a cloud and it looks great under my dresses. It was so comfortable, in fact, that I fell asleep in it the first day I wore it because I forgot I had a bra on. I didn't realize it until the next morning! I can't think of a better review than that.

where to buy elila bras

I have been searching for a great strapless bra for years, to the point where I recently sold off a bunch of beautiful dresses since I had given up on finding a bra to wear under them. I'm sort of regretting that now, because this bra is my holy grail strapless. My previous best fit was the Elomi Maria, which I slid out of and looked really triangular. It is nearly impossible to find a decent strapless in my cup size/band size range, but this one is just amazing. It gives me great shape, my breast tissue actually stays in the cups, and it smooths under my dresses. I love it so much I already bought another one. I'm seriously considering buying an Elila longline with straps for regular wear once the summer heat is over since I love this one so much. In the meantime, I intend to wear all of my sarong and halter dresses for as long as I can since this bra is so great.

While I wouldn't have gravitated to some of these bras in a boutique, I'm so glad I know about them now. The quality is great, the prices are reasonable, and they have some amazing products that just don't exist in other brands in this size range.

Elila #1303 Find great deals on Elila bras at Lace Soft Cup. Three piece construction with a full cup sling helps encompass and support evenly. Lace detailing maintains the garments feminine appearance. If you wore Goddess #386 then try this style!

If you haven't read my first review of Elila, go back and start there. After I reviewed the samples that were sent, I was so impressed with the line that I wanted to try the rest of it. I picked up two colors of the longline wireless bras to go under my vintage-style dresses, but couldn't find the Glamour set anywhere that I hadn't had a bad experience purchasing from. Luckily, Elila was nice enough to send over a set for me to try. At this point, I've basically reviewed the whole line, so you should have a good idea of where to start if you want to give this brand a shot.

As you can see, the details and quality are all here. The bra is comfortable and supportive, without digging in anywhere or creating a triangular look. The embroidery is detailed and gives the set a vintage feel. I love how it continues all the way around to the back of the bra. That's a detail you don't see a lot in larger sizes, as it substantially adds to the manufacturing cost of the bra. I'm so glad Elila decided to add in that design element, as it makes this set extra special. This is the most modern bra design I've tried from Elila, so if you're used to the Eveden bras this is probably the best starting point for you. The others are decidedly traditional and retro.

I'd love to see Elila expand their Glamour line into other pieces and colors: embroidered waist cinchers, longline bras, etc. If this comes out in another, bolder colorway, I will definitely be picking it up for myself. Sadly, this set doesn't seem to be available at a lot of retailers, unlike the other Elila bras. So far, Linda's and HerRoom are the only places I've found that carry it. I think this set would be a natural fit at boutiques going for vintage glamour, like Dollhouse Bettie or Trashy Diva. I'm hoping if this set gets re-released, it will get picked up by more retailers.

Sets this like can be seen as risky for retailers due to a higher price point and the (biased and wrong) perception that plus size shoppers don't want to spend money for quality goods. However, with lots of staple plus size brands climbing into the $70+ price point per bra, I think this set is both unusual and incredibly marketable. It's a good move for the brand and smart boutiques will showcase it alongside other luxurious options like Huit and the major French lingerie brands. I'm glad to see Elila expanding into more romantic and fashion forward lingerie, but this is one of those cases where the set will have to sell to make the risk worth it.

WeFit is more than a boutique; we are a team of women working hard to support and empower other women to love the way they look and feel. Shop our curated collection of the most comfortable bras, hand-picked by our bra fitters.

Elila bras are carefully constructed to provide your full breasts with sufficient support. They come in different styles including soft cup, longline, and underwire bras. Elila bras have cushioned shoulder straps, generous cups and wide bands for optimal support. is a specialist in harder to find bra sizes that you'll actually love to wear. With sizes up to 26K from all the best brands, you'll feel beautiful from the inside out. Shop with confidence knowing your purchase can be returned with Easy Returns. Please note, we were formerly known as Curvy by Bras N Things, and we are now an independent business.

Excelling in the luxurious approach to the fuller figure intimate apparel market, Elila bras concentrates it design by focusing on quality top level fabrics and detailing while ensuring the up most of of comfort. By producing bras for the fuller figure with unparalleled support means your feminine curves are left feeling gorgeous, giving you the wearer more confidence to embrace every day. Using cleaver construction, Elila bras have produce some of the softest and most comfortable bras with every day functionality. Elila lingerie use delicate laces, sophisticate embroidery and Microfibre fabrics to create numerous collections of top quality bras. Elila produce bras in cup sizes B-N and back sizes 34-54. Ar Bras & Honey we also supply the full range of Elila briefs, panties and shorts to complete your Elila purchase.

Let's talk about cups. Specifically, cups in bras. They seem so mysterious. How do you find your cup size? A fitting from an experinced fitter is best, but that is a little hard to do during a pandemic. So, we can help over the phone, or texting, or however you want to communicate with us. We just want to be of service. Cups are importants.You will need a few things: a tape measure, a pen, and a piece of paper. You need to take two measurements. The first measurement helps us find your band, which is the number part of the bra size. The second number is found by measuring across the largest part of your breast. If you are by yourself, and you are having a hard time keeping your breasts out of your way, please put on your brest fitting bra and take these measurements. 041b061a72


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