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Fallout New Vegas Coc Locations [WORK]

Search the indicated locations to find all eight companions. Successfully complete the listed task(s) to recruit the corresponding companion. Note: You can only have one human as a companion at a time. If you recruit a new human companion, you will need to tell them to go to the Lucky 38 Casino so you can swap with him or her later.

Fallout New Vegas Coc Locations

Of course, these locations will be even easier to get to if you have already been to them, since you can simply quick-travel from one to the next. If not, the locations will still be shown on your map (if this quest is marked as active on your Pip-Boy), though you'll need to go overland, or quick-travel to a place nearby to arrive. Let's take care of these in alphabetical order. Ranger Station Alpha is to the northwest of Camp Forlorn Hope with the Boulder Beach Campground to the east. There, seek out Comm Officer Castillo, and hand over the new codes. Then, travel to Ranger Station Bravo at the far northeastern edge of the Mojave Wasteland, just to the east of Bitter Springs. You'll find Comm Officer Tilden there, also in want of some new codes.

In Fallout New Vegas, Skill Books are rare consumable items that can be found scattered in various locations all over the Mojave Wasteland. Using them increases the relevant skill by three points and gives players the option to advance abilities that they would not otherwise focus on when leveling up.


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