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DeskNotifier Brings Android Notifications To Your Windows Desktop

Well with this you don't need USB cable to connect to your pc or mac. Airdroid3 on web as well as desktop client.Notification Mirror is a feature introduced in AirDroid v2.0.9. It allows you to view all the app and system notifications on your computer. WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Facebook, Twitter... all user and system app notifications are supported:

DeskNotifier Brings Android Notifications To Your Windows Desktop

Download Zip:

A notification will pop up at the bottom right corner (you need to sign in to first):You'll also receive a pop-up on your computer if you've signed in to AirDroid Windows/Mac:If the service is working perfectly, you will get a notification on your Android as well as on your desktop (if you have AirDroid open in one of your browser windows.) saying "Awesome. AirDroid notification mirror service is working". The third option is "Allowed Apps".You can choose the apps whose notifications you want to receive on your desktop. For example, you might not want to get email notifications on your desktop if you already have an email client running on your computer, or you might not want notifications from gaming applications.Note: To receive desktop notifications when you are not focusing on, you need to enable desktop notifications(and even choose the language in which you wish to be notified) on > Account > General:


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