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Xilinx Digilent Usb Jtag Driver [CRACKED]

ML505 board does not use Digilent JTAB Download Cable solution but uses the old xilinx JTAG cable driver.However, I believe that the xilinx always has trouble with their drivers.Here is the solution:

Xilinx Digilent Usb Jtag Driver

yes , In our custom board we are using Diligent adept "JTAG-SMT2-NC " on board Jtag for debugging and downloading purpose .Instead of that we are able to use external diligent adept jtag "Digilent 410-249 - JTAG-HS2 Programming Cable ".Our system is able to recognize this programming cable driver but when we are using driver issue is coming .

I have installed the Xilinx ISE webpack 14.7 on my arch system. The software works and the license wasaccepted.Now in order to communicate with the spartan 3e board from digilent one has to manually install the properdriver. I followed the arch wiki ISE in order to get things working. This means I installed fxload and from the AUR I installed:usbdrvadept-runtime 2.16.1-1libftd2xx 1.1.12-2

Hi, I have an ADRV9361-z7035 board and a ADRV1CRR-BOB base board. I have built the analog devices code in Xilinx for these boards sucessfully and loaded the C source code into Vitis and built that too. I want to use the JTAG port P19 on the CRR-BOB to program the board from Vitis so I set switches S2 and S3 both to 0 on the ADRV9361 board. I have a digilent USB-JTAG programming cable rev G which I have checked is pin compatible with connector P19. The programming cable drivers seem to be loaded correctly in device manager, it is called Xilinx Embedded Platform USB Firmware Loader under Programming Cables. But when I power the boards and choose program from Vitis it does not seem to see the Zynq 7000 in the programming chain and it does not program. The error message: Program FPGA failed Reason: Could not find FPGA device on the board for connection 'Local'. Troubleshooting hints: 1. Check whether the board is connected to the system properly. 2. In case of zynq board check whether Digilent/Xilinx cable switch settings are correct. 3. If you are using Xilinx Platform Cable USB, ensure that status LED is green. Is there anything else I need to do to be able to program the board with JTAG? I can't find any settings for Digilent/Xilinx cable switch on the boards. Not sure if that is applicable as the JTAG is routed directly to the JTAG pins on the FPGA from the P19 connector.If I do auto detect in Vitis Program FPGA it finds no devices.


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