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Boston Cable Company

The City amended the Verizon cable television license in July 2018. The carrier has been expanding its service to offer Fios in all neighborhoods in Boston. Learn more in our press release. We also created a map of Verizon Fios service areas.

boston cable company

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We extended Comcast's cable license with the City through 2021. As part of the deal, Comcast will continue to offer discounts to seniors with existing plans. They will also offer new senior customers discounted internet services.

The City of Boston will hold a cable television license renewal hearing on behalf of the issuing authority for the license renewal of Comcast of Boston, Inc. The meeting will be held virtually on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at 10 a.m. We invite public comments.

Comcast of Boston, Inc., is the incumbent provider of one of the City's existing cable franchises since July 17, 2002. At that time, the transfer and amendment of the license was accepted from AT&T Corp.

You will be able to find the hearing agenda and relevant materials, including a copy of the existing Comcast of Boston license, on this page. Members of the community can provide public comment. All comments submitted through 5 p.m. on March 26, 2021, will become part of the public record of the cable licensing hearing. Please note: All information submitted is considered a public record. That information can be released to anyone who inquires.

We will provide instructions for attending and participating in the virtual hearing on this page when that information is available. For more information, please call the Broadband and Cable Office at 617-635-3112 or email

The Department of Telecommunications and Cable oversees the telecommunications and cable industries in Massachusetts, working to ensure that residents receive high-quality communications services at just and reasonable rates while promoting sustainable competition in the communications marketplace.

The Department of Telecommunications and Cable is responsible for overseeing compliance with laws and regulations affecting telephone and cable providers as well as their customers in Massachusetts. We offer a series of outreach programs and consumer guides to educate residents about these industries. Online information is available for service providers to assist with submitting registration documents and regulatory filings.

Amos Hostetter is co-founder and trustee of the Barr Foundation and chairman and CEO of Pilot House Associates, LLC. In 1963, Amos co-founded Continental Cablevision and served as its chairman and CEO from 1980 to 1996. During this period Continental grew to become the third largest company in the cable television business. Renamed Media One in 1996 when acquired by US West, the company was subsequently sold to AT&T and then to Comcast.

SOMERVILLE (CBS) - The FCC will soon let cable operators scramble the signals of local TV stations that you now get through basic cable. If you don't have a cable box, you may not be able to watch unless you're willing to open your wallet.

Founded in 1955, The First Electronics Corporation (FEC) has specialized in custom electrical assemblies for harsh environments for more than 60 years. During that time, FEC has remained focused on building high-reliability, molded cable assemblies. Our military and industrial customers leverage us for our rapid prototyping ability as well as our high-volume production capacity.

Before the onset of the pandemic, Nielsen reported that 80.4% of Boston area households received their television programs from cable systems, telephone companies, or satellite operators. That number, however, is plummeting.

"Cord-cutting, people dropping their cable and satellite TV subscriptions, pre-dates the onset of Covid-19. But the pandemic is exaggerating the trend, creating deeper issuers for programming that relies on those services for distribution," Eric Savitz wrote last week in Barron's. This includes non-premium services like ESPN, TBS, TNT, USA, CNN, and Discovery.

"LightShed Partners analyst Richard Greenfield counts a loss of 1.96 million subscribers to cable, satellite TV, and virtual cable services combined in the first quarter," Savitz continued. "This is the worst combined quarterly drop ever, down 6% from a year ago."

Cord-cutting is not a byproduct of the Coronavirus. The pandemic, however, has accelerated the erosion of Pay-TV's audience. At the current rate of attrition, a recently published report from Convergence Research Group predicts with great certainty, that by 2022, fewer than half of all homes will still be paying for television programming to be delivered by cable or by satellite.

No, Commuter students do not have access to XFINITY On Campus. This service is restricted to students living on campus. Public locations provided with cable will not be impacted by the service change.

Yes, you can do this by connecting your computer to your TV. We will be providing HDMI cables and adapters (for common video types) so you can extend your computer screen to your TV. This way, you can watch and work at the same time. Provided are instructions for dual monitor capabilities on a Windows and Mac computer. Members of the IT Helpdesk are available to assist in this usage.

For more than 20 years, Boston residents have watched NBC for free on WHDH-TV Channel 7. But if Comcast gets its way, at least four million Beantown viewers may have to subscribe to pay cable television service to keep watching.

In an effort to limit the damaging optics of Comcast forcing free network television programming to pay cable, Comcast announced it would also relay its NBC Boston cable channel over a UHF channel in another state now showing Telemundo programming. Those without cable will have to adjust their antennas carefully to receive WNEU-TV Channel 60, in Merrimack, N.H, the new home of NBC for Boston-area cord-cutters and cord-nevers.

The local cable network that airs Boston's Major League Baseball and National Hockey League games is launching a stand-alone streaming subscription, marking a first for regional sports networks.The option from NESN will be available starting Wednesday and will allow subscribers to watch live games without paying for a cable subscription. The first deal of its type comes as millions of Americans are canceling pay TV subscriptions each year amid the growing popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max.

Regional sports networks have to charge a significantly higher price for an out-of-cable service because of their agreements with cable TV providers, such as Comcast, Charter and DirecTV. Cable providers have agreed to pay NESN a flat monthly fee based on estimates about viewership.

Availability, speeds and pricing can vary by internet connection type. The fastest speeds will come from fiber-optic and cable connections, while DSL and satellite typically offer the greatest availability. Fixed wireless is also popular for its availability in rural areas and may offer faster speeds and lower latency than satellite internet.

Effective on or after June 4, local Spectrum subscribers from the Pittsfield area south will no longer receive WCVB-TV, Channel 5, Boston's ABC network affiliate. That's according to a letter the parent company Charter Communications sent May 1 to the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications & Cable.

Over the years, cable providers Adelphia and Time Warner have threatened to eliminate the Massachusetts stations from the lineup, only to back down under pressure from local, state and federal lawmakers.

"People should call all of their offices and leave a short message asking them to contact Spectrum officials to stop the removal of WCVB from the Berkshire County cable channels," Barrett posted on his Facebook page this week. "Call them after 5:30 and all weekend long and leave a voicemail."

It's the second recent dust-up with the cable company, which was purchased from Time Warner last year. Spectrum subscribers and local officials were left fuming earlier this year when the company switched to an encrypted, all-digital signal, which requires the use of converter boxes on any TV set.

Meanwhile, the state Department of Telecommunications & Cable later this month will meet with government leaders of North Adams, Pittsfield and the towns served by Spectrum. Agency representatives expect to discuss the cable firm's overall service in the Berkshires, according to a letter sent to the municipalities.

The North Adams City Council will hold a public hearing on May 21, 6-8 p.m., at North Adams American Legion Post 125. The purpose of the hearing is to review Spectrum's cable license with the city, review technological advances in the cable field and to hear comments, suggestions and complaints from the public.

Last week MCI Communications Corporation and Jones Lightwave Inc., the country's eighth largest cable system, announced an experiment enabling consumers to use their cable TV wire for long-distance calling.

Starting in March, residents of Alexandria, Va., will be able to bypass the local phone company to make long-distance calls. The MCI/Jones announcement came at the same time as a bill was introduced in Congress that would break up local telephone companies' monopoly and allow phone companies to offer TV services in the areas they serve.

Continental Cablevision, Cablevision of Boston, and Time Warner Cable joined Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Paul Celluci to place a wireless telephone call from downtown Boston to an outlying suburb. The call used interconnected cable television systems that bypassed the local telephone company.

The demonstration was to show how cable technology can be used to create a personal communication network (PCN). Calls routed over two or more cable systems are connected via a fiber optic-based regional network and a centralized switching center.

``Three different cable companies got together, proving that the industry can work together to provide a seamless network,'' says Kevin Casey, vice president of technology at Continental Cablevision. ``In one to three years, PCS [personal communication spectrums] will start to become a reality.'' 041b061a72


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