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Most Popular Naturist Freedom Miss New Year Part 1 __EXCLUSIVE__

New Year celebrations not to be missed this year include the return of the epic Masterbeat weekend in Los Angeles to the more intimate First Light Festival in PTown! Bangkok breaks all the records with an epic 4-day White Party, while Rio celebrates on the beach and by the pool! From Amsterdam to Sydney, here are our editors top top gay New Year parties and events.

Most Popular Naturist Freedom Miss New Year Part 1

In 2019, after almost five years of postponements, a House of Representatives election was contested by 77 political parties, most of which fell into promilitary or antimilitary camps. The campaign period was marred by political repression, media censorship, unequal media access, and a lack of independent and impartial oversight from the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT).

What a fairy story the history of Harvey would be if it should be writtenonly as it was. For one could even begin it once upon a time. Once upon a time,let us say, there was a land of sunshine and prairie grass. And then great geniicame and set in little white houses and new unpainted barns, thumbed in faintgreen hedgerows and board fences, that checkered in the fields lying green orbrown or loam black by the sluggish streams that gouged broad, zigzag furrows inthe land. And upon a hill that overlooked a rock-bottomed stream the genii, thespirit of the time, sat a town. It glistened in the sunshine and when the townwas over a year old, it was so newly set in, that its great stone schoolhouseall towered and tin-corniced, beyond the scattered outlying residences, rose inthe high, untrodden grass. The people of Harvey were vastly proud of thatschoolhouse. The young editor and his wife used to gaze at it adoringly as theydrove to and from the office morning and evening; and they gilded the town withhigh hopes. For then they were in their twenties. The population of Harvey forthe most part those first years was in its twenties also, when gilding is cheap.But thank Heaven the gilding of our twenties is lasting.


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