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[S4E8] The Way Of The Dragon

In the cave, Zane is still terrified from seeing the Titanium Dragon, to which P.I.X.A.L. reminds him of the dragon he once owned. She then tries to help him remember who he once was and that the Titanium Dragon isn't real, though he doesn't listen. P.I.X.A.L. then tells him to close his eyes and tells him to hear what he thinks. Zane realizes he doesn't consider himself the White Ninja anymore, before declaring he is now the Titanium Ninja and accepts the Titanium Dragon isn't real. P.I.X.A.L. tells him his anxiety is down, but his Elemental Power is skyrocketing as he shouts "I am the Titanium Ninja!" before he begins to glow white.

[S4E8] The Way of the Dragon

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Quentin, Julia, and Kady meet with Pete, who now goes by the name "Lovelady." Julia refuses to work with him because of their past and goes to get a drink. Pete shows them several options on his phone and they see a stone with immense power locked in it that no one has been able to crack open. They recognize the stone organ and Pete tells them that it is in a dragon's horde, that of a local water dragon. Pete tells them they must approach the dragon's herald to get an audience and impress them with a gift. While Quentin leaves to search for a gift, Pete tells Kady that he still owes her for saving his life and that he was a great lieutenant to Marina. He explains the Hedges are under attack by the Library due to the explosion in Modesto and the subsequent escalation.

Quentin and Julia approach the herald, who's name is Harold, on a dock. He demands an elixir that is worth more than both of them, says that it was stolen last week, and gives them a small tranquilizer dart that was used during the theft. Quentin recognizes the dart as being from Fillory and says they can get it. He then goes to the Physical Kids Cottage and Poppy answers the door. She says that she was waiting for him so they could reconnect but is also dripping sweat. Quentin says she is hiding something and knows it's something bad since she is a dragon obsessed crazy person who will do anything for her own gain. He shows her the dart. She opens the door fully to reveal she is very pregnant.

Later, Julia enters the Cottage to find Quentin, who seems surprised to see her, asking what she is doing there. She says that she has been looking for him because he was supposed to be back hours ago. He is holding a bowl of chili, which she thinks is odd. He leads her further into the cottage where Poppy is surrounded by heat lamps. Quentin puts his arm around Poppy, then says that he is going to be a dad. Kady and Penny arrive and find a dragon erotica book that Poppy wrote and published, which is very detailed. Penny then sees the elixir bottle in a trash can, which is now empty.

After looking through the dragon erotica book, they recognize the elixir as dragon semen. Poppy admits that she "turkey baistered herself" with the elixir. Dragons are universal sperm donors that make interesting hybrids. She angrily says that she is going not going to let anyone take her baby and that she will be "the world's first true mother of dragons." Julia explains that magical pregnancies can effect one's mind and the minds of those around them. After reading through the book more, they realize that anyone who touches Poppy's belly will become enthralled to protect the baby.

Upon further reading, Kady learns that a dragon takes 3 years to gestate, but Poppy only stole the elixir last week. She threatens Poppy and she admits that she is just normal human pregnant, and that she used it to fertilize a dragon egg. The fertilized egg was hidden behind the heat lamps. Quentin is angry and won't let them take "Falcor," a name Poppy says they are not using. Penny puts on oven mitts and grabs the egg, but is still enthralled by it and wants to lick it, which he does. He offers Julia a lick and she takes the egg, but it has no effect on her. Kady pulls a gun and threatens to shoot the egg, then her and Julia flee with it. They head to Harold's dock and Penny is restraining Harold while Quentin and Poppy block the way. They demand the egg back and a yelling match ensues, then the East River Dragon rises up from the water, annoyed at all of the noise. She recognizes the elixir in the egg and the dragon protests that she's only 12,422, too young to be a mother. She also asks how Julia can hold the egg like that. Poppy protests that she won it off the Seine River Dragon, and the East River Dragon asks if it is "Amalie's egg", then tells Julia to put the egg into a basket, which then lowers into the water.

Harold delivers Heka's stone organ to Julia and delivers a message to her from the East River Dragon. The dragon hopes that Julia recovers her truth and not to accept her current circumstances. She advises Julia to make her current state temporary for the sake of all their kind and to seek "the Binder." Then he leaves despite Julia's continued questions.

Jake welcomes Parlov to the precinct and introduces Terry to him. Terry shies away and Jake takes over the questioning. They ask Parlov about who he might think is threatening him and he thinks it might be one of his male fans. Jake comments about how boys should be fond of a lady dragon but Parlov tells him that the dragon isn't a sexual being and Terry quotes a part of the book.

Elsewhere, Jonathan, Mike, Will and Argyle drive out to the coordinates Suzie gave them for the lab. On the way, Mike starts to falter but Will shows off a drawing of a three-headed dragon being fought against by the boys.

When Dagur reached a point that sailing isn't the best option to find his dragon rider sister, Heather, Dagur knew that he'll need a dragon of his own and goes to Hiccup for help on the subject. Since Hiccup is the best dragon rider he knows and saving his life has Hiccup owning Dagur a favour. Hiccup wasn't too keen on helping Dagur, as he knew that Heather wasn't ready to see her brother again, he agrees to help in order to keep Dagur's presence on the Edge a secret from the others. Before Hiccup meets up with Dagur in the forest, he comes across a Gronckle and decides to make it Dagur's dragon, even though Dagur was expecting a Skrill that would suit the name Shattermaster. Which is why Dagur had confuse the friendly Gronckle for his dragon's briefest, and even though he wasn't happy with the type of dragon Shattermaster is he decides to except the Gronckle as Hiccup help him to train his first dragon.

Dagur had struggled at first, with Shattermaster moving out of the way as Dagur tries to jump onto his back before dashing off, before he allowed Hiccup to teach him the basics, Dagur is able to bond with Shattermaster and the dragon with him as Hiccup teaches him that trust is the key to dragon training. At the flying part of their training, Dagur accidently gets Shattermaster to stop in mid and gets Hiccup's prophetic leg damaged, to which has Hiccup borrowing Shattermaster to get it fix while Dagur takes a quick ride on Toothless' back and runs into the other riders who aren't happy to see him. Once Hiccup explains why Dagur is one the Edge he gets the others to continue Dagur's training with Shattermaster. During their lesson with Fishlegs, who also rides a Gronckle, they come up with a few trick together and when Astrid joins in and acts badly towards Dagur, Shattermaster growls at her for acting as a threat to Dagur. Which surprises everyone as both Dagur and Shattermaster have only known each other for a short time. After Heather found out about Dagur, however, both he and Shattermaster were locked in the pens. Before they were locked up together, Dagur had saw the ships on Hiccup's board and knew that he, Heather and the others are walking into a trap. So he gets Shattermaster to break them out so they can take on the armada before the others go to face it.

Both Dagur and Shattermaster were believed to have died in the battle when they secretly survived it. At some point after Dagur and Shattermaster took on the armada, the Gronckle had got captured by people who walk in the world of the Dragon Hunters. In order to find his dragon friend, Dagur pretended to have lost his memory while searching for clubs that would lead to Shattermaster's rescue. Dagur didn't let Hiccup and Heather onto his self set mission, when the three of them were in public until they were alone. Heather didn't believe Dagur but Hiccup manages to get her to help them save Shattermaster and the other captured Gronckles. Once Shattermaster was saved, Dagur tells Hiccup and Heather to leave while he and his dragon buy them time to get away.

While fans found it odd that Dagur's dragon steed-partner ended up being a Gronckle, as many think that it should have been a Skrill, due to his tribe's connection and history with them, the bond that Dagur shares with Shattermaster changed their minds. As Dagur cares for who Shattermaster he is alone and not for the type of dragon he is. When Shattermaster stopped appearing in the series, after the Gronckle got hurt while Dagur found his new dragon in Sleuther, Fans became worried that Shattermaster had either died from his injury or if Dagur replaced him for a much more intimidating dragon, before Shattermaster is revealed to be alive and has maintained his bond with Dagur in the series finale.

Back at the hotel, Sam finds Dean being sick in the bathroom. The wishes, it turns out, turn bad, because the coin is cursed. It depicts Tiamat, the Babylonian dragon deity of primordial chaos, and it has been known to wipe entire towns off the map with the trouble it causes. The only way to stop it is to find the first wisher, the one person capable of removing the coin and turning off the magic of the well.

In the fourth season Trsteno Arboretum was again used as the setting of the Red Keep palace gardens. New filming locations in Croatia include Gradac Park (Purple Wedding feast) and Belvedere Atrium (fight between Oberyn and The Mountain) in Dubrovnik, Diocletian's Palace in Split (catacombs where is Daenerys locks her dragons) and Klis Fortress (the Meereen exteriors) north of Split. 041b061a72


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