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Worms RumbleWorms Rumble

Unlike its predecessors, Worms Rumble is a 2.5D real-time action game.[1] In Rumble, players assume control of anthropomorphic worms and compete against each other in modes including Death Match, Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing.[2] The game features a variety of exotic weapons, such as Sheep Launchers, Plasma Blasters, and Sentry Turrets, which can be used to defeat enemies. Players can also acquire jet packs and grappling hooks to navigate the environment easily.[3] As players progress in the game, they can also gain experience points which can be used to unlock cosmetic items and customise the appearance of their playable avatars.[4]

Worms RumbleWorms Rumble

Anyway, in this beta session you can play with up to 32 players with a bunch of wild weaponry. Sheep Launchers. Plasma Blasters. Sentry Turrets. Something called a Hammerhead, which might actually be a shark knowing the Worms games. And of course, moving around the terrain is an important method to get your worms in place to land their shots, so you can use grappling hooks, jet packs, and more. Finally, you can get cosmetics like hats and skins for your little worms too.

First, the weapons. There are a handful of different ones, from the typical shotguns to the melee baseball bats to the more eccentric sheep launcher. You start off with a weak, boring gun and then grab better ones as you open chests or take down other worms. This is probably the only thing the game gets perfect, as it encourages movement, rewards offensive plays, and offers a decent range of weapons without becoming overwhelming.

Similar to Fall Guys, Worms Rumble features a progression system that is tied to a whole treasure trove of fun cosmetics. Players can earn XP and in-game cash for participating in matches and completing daily quests, and this currency can be spent on silly new outfits, new banners, and even hilarious voices for your worms. Something unique about Rumble's approach is that weapon skins can only be unlocked by racking up kills with a specific weapon. I liked this, as it incentivises you to mix up your arsenal to be able to proudly rock some of the coolest looking skins out there. The best part about all of it though is that there aren't any microtransactions present, and all cosmetics can be earnt simply through progression.

Pitting a team of worms against one another in a series of turn-based skirmishes with an assortment of sheep launchers, banana bombs and Star Trek-inspired teleportation devices, this game just offered so much, as it has over the many revisions over the years.

Despite what Team17 may have declared, it seems that turn-based mechanics are no longer a given for a Worms game. Yes, Worms Rumble battles are indeed conducted in real-time. The result is a frenetic side-scrolling 2.5D shooter that kind of reminds me of Soldat. The left analog stick is used for movement, the right is used for aiming, cross jumps, square reloads/interacts, circle swings an always-equipped baseball bat, and triangle switches between weapons (only two may be equipped at a time). Meanwhile, L1 uses any traversal-related equipment picked up, which includes such Worms staples as grappling hooks, plungers, jetpacks, and more. R1 throws grenades, L2 causes the worm to roll up Samus style, and of course R2 fires the current weapon. Actions such as rolling, jumping, and wall jumping use up stamina, which is indicated by a circular indicator that shows up near the worm. This takes some getting used to in order to manage properly, but the stamina automatically recharges over time, and it is plentiful. Who knew worms were so athletic?

What we get instead are maps that feature moving obstacles and other elements of interactivity. Tunnels and buildings can be entered, usually by shooting or blowing up entrances. Once inside, only those who are also inside can see other players, while worms outside of the building can always be seen. Thus, it is advantageous for players to enter these buildings, so that they may get the drop on others going into the building or duct. However, occasionally chucking a grenade into an open vent can result in a stylish kill from the outside, so of course players have to weigh their options carefully. The levels on offer (there are three as of this writing) are the largest ever seen in a Worms game, and they have to be in order to accommodate the 32 players that can join a match. Matches are cross-platform by default, meaning PS4, PS5, and PC players are all lumped into one game. This can be turned off to only include PlayStation Network opponents, though this does mean PS4 players will still be in the mix. Levels load quickly, but much of the load time while playing on the PS5 is in waiting on other slower systems to load up.

Worms Rumble, released December 1st, is the latest in the Worms series from Independent games developer and publisher Team17 Digital Ltd. Having ported to multiple systems in 1995, the series has been going strong for 25 years, while trying to adapt the standard formula of worms warfare by tapping into the mechanics of different genres, creating several spin-off titles. This latest game takes on the current trend of Battle Royale fast-paced action. Does the game soar through the sky like a super sheep, or go down like a concrete donkey?

The sound is a well-designed aspect throughout the whole gaming experience. Whether old school voice-overs for the worms, or new explosions and bullet effects, the sounds are crisp, clean and perfectly timed. The nostalgia is strong for long time fans, and the entertainment value is high for players old and new alike. Additionally, the music selection for the rounds and loading screens has a very old school vibe, with tunes that take us back to afternoons and weekends playing Downhill Domination and SSX on tour. 041b061a72


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