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WinGate 9.1.5 Crack

WinGate 9.1.5 is an impressive application which can be used for sharing access between various different PCs over one connection with some awesome features for filtering content and setting up the quotas. This tool can be used for monitoring network traffic in order to optimize the Internet connection usage in your organization. WinGate 9.1.5 facilitates the access to other computers byusing NAT or proxy technology and lets you control the traffic by using advanced rules. Every rule includes a schedule for restricting the access to specified time interval. The Internet connection is is not protected can expose the workstations to various different threats therefore WinGate 9.1.5 has been equipped with a firewall designed to shield them from some potentially dangerous content. You can block the unwanted connections or redirect by using security filters. It has also been equipped with email tools which will enable the server to host email domain, configure mailboxes as well as filter the messages before they are distributed to the users. WinGate 9.1.5 uses SMTP delivery service and allows you to retrieve the messages frpm POP3 accounts in order to distribute them to local mailboxes. All in all WinGate 9.1.5 is an impressive application for sharing Internet access between multiple PCs over one connection with some impressive features.

WinGate 9.1.5 Crack


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