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Devon Til Dick Do Us Part

'Til Dick Do Us Part! One Of The Most Sought After Pornstars Is Back! 'Redefining Devon' - Devon has been out of the game for quite a while. She's found a great husband, and her life couldn't be any better. However, everything starts to change when her past life comes back to haunt her. Once a pornstar, always a pornstar! 'Til Dick Do Us Part Episode 2' - After re-awakening her inner pornstar, Devon decides to make a sex tape with a famous adult actor. Where will this road end? After cheating on her husband and rediscovering her passion for porn, when will devon be satisfied? 'Til Dick Do Us Part Episode 3' - Devon is at it again, after receiving a private invite to an exclusive 'Adult Only' party, she goes on a little adventure. But did Devon bite off more than she can chew? Or is this party just what she needs to get back in the game? 'Til Dick Do Us Part Episode 4' - After she finds out that someone told her husband about her desire to return to the porn industry, Devon does a little research and finds out that Raylene is behind it. Time for some payback!

devon til dick do us part

Devon is at it again. After receiving a private invite to an exclusive "Adult Only" party, she goes on a little adventure. But did Devon bite off more than she can chew? Or is this party just what she needs to get back in the game?

We had not gone far, after our refreshments, before the sky grewovercast, the wind arose, heavy clouds began to send across the sky,distant mutterings of thunder grew more and more audible, rolling,rumbling, rattling, nearer and nearer, the heavens were wrapt ingloom, through which, ever and anon, the lightning flashed vividly.Quickly the thunderstorm was upon us, the rain descended first inlarge heavy drops, then in a perfect deluge; the sky seemed on firewith electric flashes, darting hither and thither like fiery, flyingserpents. In vain the coachee whipped up his wearied horses and madetheir very bones to rattle, striving to gain shelter from the pitilessstorm. Before protection could be gained we were all drenched to theepidermis, even those within did not escape, for the old stage leakedlike a sieve and let in the flood at every part. (My wife declaredafterwards that she had read that in the days of Henry II., of France,there were three, and only three, coaches in existence, one belongingto Catherine de Medicis, another to the fair, but frail, Diana ofPoictiers, and the third to René de Laval, a noble seigneur, and thatshe verily believed that this was the one owned by, the fat old René,so weak, so frail, so rickety, was the old antediluvian monster; infact, she remarked, there was nothing strong about the entire concernexcept the smell!)

But then this crossing, I thought, is peculiarly dangerous, the linebeing hid as it is! In such a case the mere occurrence of an accidentto one crossing will be evidence of negligence.[259] If a railroadunnecessarily crosses a highway in such a manner and place thattravellers can neither see[Pg 89] nor hear an approaching train until toolate to save themselves; or if a company erect a building so as toshut off the view, they will be liable for collisions, in the absenceof negligence on the part of the injured ones.[260] I remember thatonce, on a certain foggy morning in the land of fogs, a man took thetrouble to look up the line and to look down the line, but owing to thedimness of the light failed to see a train coming; the engine neverwhistled, the man was injured and the company was found guilty ofnegligence.[261] Where persons are in the habit of crossing a line ata particular place, though there is no right of way there, still theresponsibility of taking reasonable precautions in their use of suchplace is thrown upon the company.[262]

I also now began to reflect that if the train was much later, I wouldmiss my appointments, and then cause of action number fourwould accrue. For it is as clear as daylight that if a railway companypublishes or authorizes the publication of a time-table, representingthat a train will start at a particular hour for a particular place,or arrive at a particular hour, and through negligence no train isprepared or arrives, the company is responsible in damages to allpersons who have acted upon the faith of the representation, andhave been deceived and put to expense, and have sustained[Pg 98] damagethereby;[288] but if they give proper notice they will not be liablefor any necessary delay.[289] A company announced that their trainswould be punctual as far as possible; though, they said, they did notundertake that they would run exactly according to the time-tables,and that they would not be liable for any loss or damage arising fromunpunctuality; the court, however, held, that a delay of twenty-sevenminutes en route between Liverpool and Leeds was evidenceof negligence or want of reasonable efforts to be punctual.[290] Anotice that a company will not be responsible for deviations from thetime-tables, unless the detentions are caused by the wilful neglectof their employees, is practically invalid.[291] The company make acontinuous representation whilst they continue to hold out printedor written papers as being their time-tables, and they thereby makea public profession and representation that they will exercise theirvocation of common carriers, and dispatch passengers or goods, as thecase may be, to certain specified places at or about the time named insuch tables; and if they fail to do so they commit a breach of theirduty as common carriers, and are guilty of a fraudulent representation,which may be the foundation of an action for deceit by any one who,relying on the[Pg 99] representation, tenders himself or his goods forconveyance at the appointed time, and finds there is no train about tostart.[292]

Though neither time-table nor advertisement is an actual warranty forthe arrival and departure of trains at the time named, still companiesare unquestionably liable for any want of punctuality which they couldhave avoided by the use of due care or skill; nor can they plead anyexcuse, the existence of which was known to them when the tables werepublished.[293] And when there has been a change of time, due careshould be used in notifying the public.[294]

But to return from this digression anent my friend, to the topic onwhich I was musing. Draper, C. J., in one case, held that a time-tablecould not be treated as a part of the contract, but amounted to arepresentation only; and that to recover damages one would have toshow that he bought his ticket before the time specified for the trainleaving, and not merely before the arrival of the train, for if thatwere after the time specified, the would-be passenger would know aswell as the company that the time-table had been departed from.[304]

Companies have no intention of allowing a man after he has travelledon a ticket for a time by one train to leave it, and afterwards, athis august pleasure, to resume his seat in another train at someintervening part of the road;[340] such proceedings would lead toendless confusion, trouble, and annoyance. But it appears that when onehas tickets, in the coupon form, over distinct lines, if they containno restrictions one may delay as long as he likes at the differentchanging places,[341] unless he voluntarily and negligently detachesthe coupon.[342]

What I did at the place where I now was concerns nobody except thosewho had the pleasure of paying my travelling expenses to and fro and myhotel bill while there. To dilate with any particularity on the subjectmight lead one into a breach of that well-established rule concerningprivileged communications between attorneys and their clients.

Our Connecticut friend went out of the car and stood, on the platform,in defiance of the notice posted up on the door forbidding people tostand there; and gazing out into the storm and the night, he tried,like sister Ann, to distinguish whether there were any signs ofrelief coming to us in our benighted condition. As he, an omnivorous,breeches-wearing biped, balanced himself on his long slender legs andstretched forward his lean and lank corpus to look ahead, the enginegave a sudden puff and plunge, Conn. lost his balance and fell to theground: the snow prevented much damage happening to his fragile body,but unfortunately his foot rested partly on the rail, and the wheel ofthe car badly crushed his big toe. The violent ear-piercing howls thatissued from his tobacco-seasoned throat brought assistance very soon,[Pg 190]and he was speedily helped back into the car; his damaged pedal memberwas dressed by a young member of the Æsculapian fraternity who chancedto be on board and seemed eager to show his surgical skill.

I found the youth in the baggage car with his leg tightly bandaged.The pallor spread over his countenance, the beads of perspiration onhis brow, and his closely pressed lips, told that his sufferings weregreat; but with Spartan courage he repressed every voluntary sign ofpain. A group of rough, yet tender men were gathered round him,[Pg 201] andthey told me that it was feared he would have to lose his leg; that hewas the only son of his mother, and she was a widow with no stay norsupport save the earnings of her boy.

[512] Watson v. Northern Rw. Co., 24 U. C. Q. B. 98;see also, Carroll v. N. Y. & N. H. Rw., 1 Duer, 571, where aman took a seat in the post office department of baggage car with theassent of the conductor.

Of course if there was any notice on your ticket limiting the liabilityof the company with regard to your traps, you are bound thereby,even if you never read it;[669] for railway companies, as well asother carriers, may limit their responsibility by special contractof which notice is given to the passenger or owner, and to which heassents or does not object, subject to such exception, limitation, orqualification as reason and justice[Pg 240] may require and a judge and jurydecide with reference to each particular case.[670] 041b061a72


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